DJI Ronin-M with Easyrig and Flowcine Serene arm (and Canon C200), setup, review, test footage

How to setup DJI Ronin-m mounted on an Easyrig vest (cheap version) + Flowcine Serene arm with a Canon C200. This is walkthrough step-by-step installation guide, with review and test footage.

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    How to setup DJI Ronin-m
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    Canon C200
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This is an update of a review I recorded a while ago on a Canon C200 mounted on a DJI Ronin-m gimbal mounted on an EASYRIG vest with a Flowcine Serene arm. Even though the Ronin-m is a relatively old gimbal some of the concepts explained here are still relevant. A few days ago I replaced my old Ronin-m with a ronin RS2, which is a big improvement compared to the ronin-m both in terms of weight, size, portability, and functionalities. The Ronin-m with the Canon C200 system weights more than 4Kg (2.3Kg for the ronin, 1.43Kg for the Canon C200 + the weight of a lens), meaning that after a few minutes you’ll probably get tired. Having a vest allows like the EASYRIG allows you to distribute the weight from your arms to your body, so that you can focus more on the shots rather than on the weight. Gimbals can only compensate for angular vibrations in the pitch, roll, and tilt angles. If you want to get rid of vertical vibrations or the up and down movement you produce when you walk you’ll need something that acts as a low pass filter. When you mount a Flowcine Serene arm on the EASYRIG your rig essentially becomes a spring-mass-damper system or a low pass filter, so it will filter out high frequency vibrations. Here I tried to compare the motion stability between the two setups, hand held ronin-m + Canon C200 and DJI Ronin-m + Canon 200 attached to the EASYRIG system. I took shots while walking towards a target. The target position in the shots is tracked in After Effects and processed in Matlab. If you want to know more about the code I used, please get in touch. It turns out that body oscillations along the x axis are always present. These oscillations are due to human walk dynamics and can be reduced by walking in a better way. If you don’t want heavy cables exerting tension on the camera mounted on the ronin-m you can simply use a mobile phone connected to the camera wifi and access the Canon webpage app from which you can control the camera (you will need to type Monitoring issues have been fixed with the DJI RS2. So if you can, throw away your ronin m and get an RS2. Based on what I’ve found out I believe a spring arm mounted on a vest should be able to do a better job than the easyrig shown here. But I haven’t tried yet.