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We produce high quality cinematic video production services for hi-tech industry and academia. Our background in science and R&D facilitates the best possible communication with our clients. We also offer data-driven and creative solutions to our clients' challenges and provide scientific consulting on a variety of fields including data analysis, artificial intelligence, text/image processing, prototyping, and software application development.

Scientists and filmmakers based in Cambridge.


Video Production

We focus on video productions for high-tech companies and universities. Send us your script or your technical document or your latest published work and we will help you converting your idea into an outstanding video.

We shoot videos in raw format, 12-bit, 4K DCI with Canon, DJI X5R, and BlackMagic cinema cameras. We can take care of any type of shots: hand held,  tripod, slider, parallax, jibs, drone, from cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. We'll take care of editing, colour correction, colour grading, motion graphics, and 3D animations.

Equipment Hire

We provide cameras, audio/sound, and light equipment rental services. Each item comes with an operator.

We will ensure the AV equipment is ready in advance according to your specification. Equipment comes in professional Peli cases.

Check our equipment here.

Peer-Reviewed Videos

If you are an active scientist publishing your work in peer-reviewed journals, please get in touch. We will convert your latest publication, project, or ArXiv pre-print into a peer-reviewed video publication for our platform Scientific Video Protocols.

Scientific Video Protocols is the first full open-access peer-reviewed video journal publishing in 4K cinematic quality.
We publish standard peer-reviewed articles in our platform along with a YouTube video.

Events, Conferences

We will take care of your event or conference in full or in part depending on your requirements.

Services include: planning, marketing, selling tickets via Eventbrite, arranging catering, filming, broadcasting, customised stationery, banners and leaflets, and event website.

Software Development

We develop custom software for data analysis, image processing, big data, machine learning, and any problem you can think of.

We work with both MATLAB and Python.


Very pleased with Bullaki's work filming my recent (November 2019) talk at the launch event of the Cambridge University Emirati Society, on history & heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

The YouTube version attracted an enormous amount of attention.


Excellent video production service. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in communicating their research to the wider scientific community or public. I've worked with the team on several projects with Nobel Prize Laureates and each time it was a great and pleasant experience.


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